Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Week of March 4th, 2014

Hello students!

We are finishing reading our final selection, James Forten, from our Language Arts theme: "Voices of the Revolution". Make sure your packets are complete and ready to be turned in this Friday, March 7th!

The following websites will provide you with some further exploration about the Revolutionary War, as we are also currently studying it in Social Studies:
Famous Facts about the War
The Road to Revolution Game

We are also beginning a new unit in Science wherein we will be studying the Periodic Table of the Elements. Use the information on the websites below to complete your task in the computer lab:
Website #1:http://education.jlab.org/qa/pen_number.html
Website #2:http://chem4kids.com/elements/table.html
Website #3:http://www.ptable.com/
Website #4: http://chemicalelements.com

Periodic Table Games:

Lastly, tomorrow is ASH WEDNESDAY. Be on time for 8AM mass and make sure you have thought through your Lenten Sacrifices.


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