Monday, May 20, 2013

Week of May 20th, 2013

Hello students and families,

Welcome back to another wonderful week of school! Here are some of the topics we are currently covering:

In math, we are studying integers and putting our number lines to good use!
Remember, integers TO THE RIGHT of zero are greater than integers TO THE LEFT of zero. The further right you go, the greater the number. 

For example:
8 > -8
-3 > -9

First, get some extra help learning integers using the following online lessons:
Adding Integers Preview Lesson

Then, use your skills to play the following fun games:
Line Jump Integer Game!
Integer Practice
Hooda Math Integer Games
Integer Jeopardy - Challenging
Integer Warp Game

In Religion, we have begun learning Jesus' Beatitudes from his Sermon on the Mount. Check out the following links for more information:
The Beatitudes

  • What do the Beatitudes mean to you?
  • How can you work more towards following the Beatitudes in your everyday life?
  • Respond to the form at the bottom of the blog to tell me what you think each Beatitude means.
Social Studies
In Social Studies, we are learning about the New Frontier and the life of a pioneer.

Let's have a great week!

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