Monday, March 4, 2013

Week of March 4th, 2013

Hello fifth graders!

Here are some announcements for the week:
  • Wednesday is Art Trek at 9:00AM
  • Friday is a full day
  • This Sunday is Family Mass so join us for the Spanish mass at 8:00AM or the English mass at 10:00AM
In Math, we are beginning Topic 12 where we are multiplying and dividing fractions. Review the following videos for some extra help:
  1. Multiplying Fractions Video
  2. Multiplying Fractions & Mixed Numbers Video
  3. Dividing Fractions Videos
Use the following exercises to gain extra practice:
  1. Multiplying Fractions Activity
  2. Dividing Fractions Activity
In Science we are continuing our unit on the Solar System. Next we will be learning about the sun. Check out the following links:
Why do we study the sun? - Nasa
Kid's Astronomy: Our Sun

Social Studies
In Social Studies, we are continuing to study the American Revolution. We have just studied the Declaration of Independence. Have a look at the sites below for more activities and games:
  1. Liberty's Kids 
  2. Look at the Declaration up close!
  3. Sign the declaration yourself!
Language Arts
We have finished our animal research reports and we're moving on to a new theme in our Reading Program, "Animal Encounters". Our first selection is titled "The Grizzly Bear Family Book". You'll find the new spelling and vocabulary words at the side of the blog.
Don't forget that we are entering a very important part of church history! We are electing a new Pope! The Cardinals will be entering the Papal Conclave (as we discussed in class) and will start the long, detailed voting process. What characteristics do you think a good Pope needs to have?

Also, don't forget to keep up the good work with your Lenten sacrifices! '


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