Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Week of October 29th, 2012

Hi students and families,

We have a short, fun week ahead of us! Here are some announcements:
  • The costume parade is tomorrow at 8:15AM
  • The Halloween carnival is from 12:30PM-3:30PM
  • Please make sure to bring $5 and a bag of candy by tomorrow
  • Thursday is parent/teacher conferences--make sure you schedule a time with Mrs. Coba in the office!
  • There is NO SCHOOL for students on Friday so have a wonderful, long weekend!
In Math, we are working on multiplying decimals by whole numbers and multiplying decimals with decimals. Review the video below for extra help/practice:
Multiplying Decimals

For Ex: 4.53 X 100 = 453.0 or 6.25 X 10 = 62.5

Social Studies
In Social Studies, we are studying the voyage of John Smith and the establishment of the Jamestown colony, one of the first successful colonies in the new land. Here are some fun websites to teach you more about Jamestown:
Jamestown Adventure 

Let's have a great week!

Oh, and have a HAPPY AND SAFE HALLOWEEN!!!!!

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