Monday, March 28, 2011

Week of 3/28/2011

Hello students,

We are officially in our final quarter of school (and in the fifth grade)...let's make it count!

Here are some general announcements:

Wednesday: Mass w/ 1st Grade
            -Readers: Dejah, Madian, Raymond
Thursday: NO SCHOOL-Cesar Chavez Day
Friday: Early Dismissal (NOON)
            -Whole School Mass/1st Friday Mass
            -Topic 9 Math Test
            -Atom Model Project DUE
            -Reading buddies w/ 1st grade: 11:00A

**Bring in field trip slips!**

Congratulations fifth grade on filling up your marble jar to the top! Let's keep up the good behavior!

Websites to visit:

To practice your vocabulary:

To learn more about matter and the elements:

Let's have a great week!!

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