Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Week of 1/3/2011

Dear students and parents,

Welcome to the new year -- 2011!
Thank you for all of your help with our class Christmas party! 
(Pictures to come...)


*This Friday is Whole School Mass (Please come dressed in full uniform): 1st reading-Brionna, Petitions-Jer'shaun, Alter Dress- Nildy & Jackie

*Reading logs have been changed to 30 minutes every night instead of 25 minutes. Please take note.

*Scoliosis Screenings begin this week, please sign and return the form that was sent home with your child if you do not wish for them to be tested. 

*Students were asked to memorize all of their multiplication facts by the start of school (yesterday)--notices are being sent home to the parents of those students who are in danger of failing due to the lack of memorization of the multiplication facts.
Quizzes and Tests this Week:

** Thursday: Practice Spelling Test and Science Quiz (Pollution and Conservation of Water, P. C48 in Science Book- Lesson 2)

** Friday: Spelling and Vocabulary Tests, "Mae Jemison: Space Scientist" (Words can be found on the left side of the blog)

Thank you! 
See you in class!

-Ms. Jordan

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